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about how to prepare for a journey part 4

Imagine standing at the carousel, waiting for your luggage and you hear people snickering before you see it...!Ha, some poor dude didn' t close his suitcase properly and all his stuff got spilled out. Funny he's got the same shirt like you. And beach towel...wait. He's a her and she mysteriously shares your taste in...underwear????OMFG!!! WHAT HAPPENED???? Sorry to say it aloud, but your luggage ain' t placed like fabergé eggs in the hold/ cargo comp. And if you don't have a lock or one of those funny rainbow belts around your suitcase, it sometimes happens that you share your most intimate stuff with 14C and 11F.

To avoid a situation like this, I strongly advise to invest in one of those plastic underbed drawers. They usually fit in one half of a suitcase, are clear to check what' s inside and to protect your clothes from other stuff.

I even invested in more than one and I've got little separate bags for meds, beach stuff and kitchen stuff (cutlery, bottle opener, condiments, little sachets of lemon juice and tea bags for cold water). That way you can separately chose what you can check in or take woth you in your handluggage in case of a too heavy suitcase.

Please always chose a piece of handluggage that can be closed with a zipper, it' s a hassle to search for your stuff under other peoples' seats or in five different overhead bins after an enthusiastic take-off or landing!

Happy weekend, see you and go OUT!!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust

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about how to prepare for a journey part 3

There's one thing worse than not being accustomed to your new surroundings and behaving like a tourist: looking like a tourist and sticking out like a sore thumb in your preppy vacational dresses and new bought shorts.

To avoid that, I usually pack stuff that I plan to leave at my destination. Some older beachdresses, bikinis with mismatching tops, worn out shoes.It's a vacation! I plan on buying stuff! How often is it the effortless beach style that we envy in the locals, not giving a damn what they look like. A day spend on the beach without any fuss.

With the satisfying thought of giving my clothes a last chance, I pack them into a nice bundle at the end of my stay, in a beachbag that probably already has been replaced by a new one and my last dollars,a bottle of water and some snacks and give it to someone in need. That way they still find a way to comfort and cover. I always do this at home with my old clothes as well, but since I live nowhere near the sea, there's always stuff that would've been thrown away instead. You might argue it's just me trying to get rid of my stuff, but I often collect clothes from friends as well to donate them. It might be something for you to try!

Stay tuned, wish for summer and sleep tight!

"Jetlag is for amateurs" Dick Clarke

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