about how to prepare for a journey part 1

Just came back home from a day spent in the tube, aka my favourite transport: an A320, my livingroom, bedroom,kitchen(ette...)and SPA-area shared with hundreds of...guests!Todays' destinations have been Warsaw and Valencia, though I'd only like to remember the last one, considering the temperature...As I always try to prolong the warm and sunny days, I figured out to only spend the months from october to april in the sunny states of the world.But getting to the airport or coming back home, sundrenched, to icicles on nearly everything, I had to improve my wardrobe to get adjusted to the climatic catastrophes I was facing.I'm happy to live right next to the airport of Duesseldorf, especially during those nasty early shift periods..., but those 15min can be cold, when you try to pack as less warm clothes as possible for 3 weeks in Miami. So I wear my coat or jacket with pride exactly upon arrival at the gate, where it gets stuffed into a pillow case, that I ALWAYS bring with me for any kind of travel. That way I always have a comfy pillow without the saliva stains from god-knows-who provided by the nice collegue , no extra wardrobe to stow away. I recently considered sewing some carrying straps on it. I'll let you know how that works out...

See you,hang on and always happy landings!

"Buy the ticket- take the ride" Hunter S.Thompson

7.3.16 01:12

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