about how to prepare for a journey part 2

Let's admit it: we all loved "Lost" before it went crazy and a few of you might have had their thoughts crossed on a similar situation when going overseas. However impossible that may seem, a "regular" evac can be caused by much lesser things. And although I deeply believe in my cockpit and cabin crews, I always take my most important papers, passports, purse, keys, travel documents in a separate little bag with me that can be kept attached to my body all the time. It's usually a small handbag with a long strap worn across my body. Should the unimaginable be about to happen, I'm saving myself a lot of trouble renewing all those documents proving I'm myself. And let's not speak about the money and time...Knowing myself I'd be crying more about a lost book or a fancy high-end mag anyway...

Be safe, take care and hugs&kisses

"Jetlag is my favourite drug" Jaques- Yves Cousteau

8.3.16 10:58

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